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NetBackup client for CentOS Power PC LE

Hello team,

I was checking the NB compatibility matrix, checking if I can install NetBackup 7.7.3 Client on a CentOS 7 Power PC LE.

According to what I read, NB isn't compatible.

Is there any workaround to install the client on this platform?

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Re: NetBackup client for CentOS Power PC LE

I see Cent OS 7 is supported for Netbackup 7.7.3 for all editions , GA and service packs



Re: NetBackup client for CentOS Power PC LE

Yes but that is for x86-64 CPU Architecture, the OP was asking about POWER PC which is completely different. As far as I know support for Linux on POWER PC was dropped after NBU 7.6.0.x/RHEL 6/SUSE 11. Also I am not sure if support was Little Endian (LE) or Big Endian (BE).

If you can get hold of say NBU "CLIENTS2" media, you MAY just be able to get the POWERPC RHEL version to install on Centos but I would not bank on it. Also support will be non-existant.

Maybe you could use the inbuilt "tar" or "cpio" commands or export things to a supported platform?

Good luck, Andrew