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NetBackup client for Red Hat Enterprise Server

Level 6
Hello, Where can I download NetBackup 5.1 client for Red Hat Enterprise Server. I also would like to download Oracle 9 agent for Red Hat Enterprise Server.

Thank you very much in advance.

Level 6
Client and agent installs should come on your original Media Kit.
I do not believe that the base client is available for download (maintenance packs are, however); I could be wrong though.

Check your master server's install CD.
Also, if your master server is a Unix machine, you can check this directory for client install files (depends on whether you installed them during your initial setup):

Lastly, there is no specific agent for specific Oracle versions; it's all 1 agent.

Level 6
symantec is moving away from providing an installation CD to having the customer download the software. I don't like this because some master/media/clients do not have access to the internet. Contact your sales rep to get the download link.

Level 6
One would hope that the download links aren't publicly available ...
Especially since the software never really validates they license keys ...

But, yeah, I would also rather have a 'hard copy' of the install package than be forced to download it. It's just more convenient sometimes ...
Don't get me wrong though, being able to download *as well* isn't a bad thing ...