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NetBackup for AIX LPARs environment

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Hi All,

I would like to propose NetBackup (new solution) for below environment:

Data Center:

 3 x IBM Flex System P260 (AIX 7.1) with 8 LPARs as below:

  • 2x Active DB2 (version 10) HA Cluster, 1x Passive DB2 (version 10)
  • 4x Application (Active), 1x Application (Passive)

SAN Storage: IBM Storwize V5000 FC

Tape Library: IBM TS3200 LTO-5 FC 2-Drive

DR Site:

4x IBM Power 710 & 1x IBM Power 550 with total 5 LPARs as below:

  • 2x DB2 (Version 10) HA Cluster
  • 2x Application
  • 1x Application (IBM Power 550)



NetBackup traditional license (Enterprise Server license required)

Replication (AIR) to DR

Retention: 7x Daily Incremental, 4x Weekly Full, 1x Monthly Full

Should I setup Master and Media server inside LPARs enviroment (resource might be limited, each server just have 1-CPU and 4-cores) OR provide another storage server (other than Appliance solution) and configure as Master/Media within it.

If I want to architect SAN Backup, what is the possibility?

Thank you all.


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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but NetBackup no longer supports AIX as master or media server.

Please see NBU 8.x OS SCL:  

NetBackup 8.1.2 and later does not support NetBackup Master Server and Media Server on this operating system and CPU architecture.

Would it be possible for you to consider hardware and OS that is currently supported with NBU (and will be in the forseeable future)?