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NetBackup for Hyper-V Network Port requirements in firewall

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What are the ports to be opened from NetBackup servers to Hyper-V for enabling VM backups?

I see we need to install NetBackup client software on Hyper-V servers . Does this mean ports 13724, 1556 are enough ? How does NetBackup intelligent policy discovers VMs . Are there any ports to be opened between NetBackup servers to Hyper-V infra to discover VMs?


I can't find anything in the TN


I have summarized the requirements . Am I missing something ?


Netbackup client software is to be installed on Hyper-V servers(standalone/cluster) or SCVMM
The Hyper-V backup integration service must be enabled on all hosts.
Important! To allow the policy to discover all cluster nodes, you must set the NetBackup Legacy Network Service (vnetd.exe) logon to the domain user account.
The logon must not be left at its default (the local system account).If the logon is not changed, the policy does not search the VMs on other nodes of the
cluster. Make sure that logon account is in the domain's Administrator group or in the Administrator group on the Hyper-V nodes.
Open the firewall ports between NetBackup to Hyper-V hosts(standalone/cluster)


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The Communication for Hyper-V backups are done using Netbackup Client.

We dont need any addidional ports other then what Netbackup Clients usually requires

13724 , 1556 will be enough.

Let us know if this does not work .

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If you're just backing up VMs with the NBU software installed, no special ports are required.

If you're going to be using SCVMM to query for VMs, you need port 8443 open between the SCVMM server and master server.

  • If using the NetBackup plugins for VMware or Hyper-V:
    • The master server must have TCP port 8443 open inbound from the hosts running the plugin (vCenter, vSphere web client, etc).

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Top tip... all Hyper-V hosts need to have their NetBackup Client at the same version.  None can be different version of NetBackup Client, none can be not yet installed NetBackup Client.

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