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NetBackup full volume restore to alternate path

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We are at NB 8.2.

An individual file restore to altenate path on the same NDMP server works fine.

While we are trying to restore full source volume (all files ) to a different destination volumes on the same filer is failing with 2813 error.

In fact it restored almost everything , it just failed at the last pieces of it.

DAR is enabled however for full volume restore it didn't consider DAR. It reported DAR disabled(actually it is the same filer where we performed backup using DAR and invidual file restore reported DAR is being used)

Any thoughs ?


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The point of DAR is to help you jump ahead to the smaller chunk of data that contains the stuff you want to restore. If you're restoring EVERYTHING though, it's a sequential restore anyway so there's no point in enabling DAR. =) "For restore of directories, by default DAR is always used to restore a subdirectory but never used to restore the directory containing an entire image. For example, if /vol/vol0 contains the entire image, and /vol/vol0/dir1 is a subdirectory, DAR is used by default to restore /vol/vol0/dir1. But it is not used to restore /vol/vol0." - NBU NDMP Admin Guide

Thanks for your response.

Below is the error that I'm getting when I attempt full volume restore. In fact it restored almost everything but in the end failed. 

Error ndmpagent (pid=81228) zfs004: Recovery status NDMP_RECOVERY_FAILED_UNDEFINED_ERROR for file "/export/NAS/test1"
Error ndmpagent (pid=81228) NDMP restore failed from path /export/NAS/test1


I'm trying to restore entire contents of /export/NAS/test1 to /export/NB-test


Info ndmpagent (pid=81228) INF - Restoring NDMP files from /export/NAS/test1/ to [See line below]
Info ndmpagent (pid=81228) INF - Restoring NDMP files from [See line above] to /export/NB-test
Info ndmpagent (pid=81228) NDMP Remote disk
Info ndmpagent (pid=81228) DAR disabled - continuing restore without DAR
Info ndmpagent (pid=81228) Attempting normal restore.
Info ndmpagent (pid=81228) zfs004: Running Restore without Direct Access Restore
Info ndmpagent (pid=81228) zfs004: Restoring to "/export/NB-test/".
Info ndmpagent (pid=81228) zfs004: Tape server: remote at x.y.z.z:64558.



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It looks like you're getting the error from your filer zfs004, so that's where the troubleshooting should start. Check your logs there and see what you can find, engaging Oracle Support I assume if you need to.

"svcs -l ndmpd | grep logfile" ought to tell you where that log normally lives on the Filer if I'm guessing right that it's an Oracle Solaris NDMP server (ZFS Storage Appliance ?) - if not, consult the appropriate documentation for it. 

Ok.. we found something like this on zfs004.

*** E R R O R *** [restore_xattr_hdr:1365]:Could not open xattr [/export/NB-test/test1/abc/file1.pdf:SUNWattr_rw] for restore (Illegal byte sequence)
 Reached end of tar file
 Exiting TAR Reader thread
*** E R R O R *** [ndmpd_tar_restore_fini:2778]:Failed restoring to /export/NB-test/
 *** E R R O R *** [ndmpd_api_done_v3:93]:NDMP_DATA_HALT_INTERNAL_ERROR