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NetBackup server crashed

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Hi Team,

There is issue with NetBackup server hardware and we don't have DR backup, if we are going to install NetBackup in new server then can we restore data of clients from tape(Last few years data) 





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Hi @mahendern 

Read the "Disaster recovery" chapter from the Troubleshooting guide for the NetBackup version you are using - this will help. There are also many articles on recovering the master server (such as this

Can you find a recent catalog backup? This will be the best way to get your system back up and running. If you have lost the DR package it is not a show stopper. Do you have a backup of the DR package available (the OS backup of the master server for instance)? Without the DR package, you will not be able to recover the certificate store from the master, so you would need to get your clients to obtain a new CA certificate and host certificate - see this article for guidance

If you do not have a catalog backup (why not?), then the only real option would be to build a new master server and use the tape import process to read the backup images from tape - this is a time consuming process.

Good luck


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hello @mahendern 

Depending on what crashed, I would see if the disk from the NBU server can be brought online on a alternate server and then moved to a new NBU server.

If the RAID is kaput, then you need to follow the advice from David.

Thanks David,

There is issue with two hard drives so RAID corrupted sounable to get server into online and customer don't have

catalog backup, DR package backup so here the only option is need to install NetBacup software in new server hardware and need to do the fresh configuration

After fresh configuration can we restore the old data from tape library ?







Thanks Nicolai,

RAID is corrupted and as per your suggestion i replied to David response


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As you are aware, with no Catalog backup / DR Package, you will have to reinstall and set up everything from scratch.

I would suggest making sure in the future the customer has a catalog backup, with the DR info sent to an email address.

To answer your question, yes, you can restore the backup data by phase 1 and phase 2 importing the tapes.

You will need to setup and inventory the library, ensure the tapes are NOT in the scratch pool if you set one up (cannot import a tape if it is in scratch).

This TN explains how to import:

It's simple enough, but will take some time depending on how full the tapes are.  Phase 1 is fairly quick as it just skips through the tape looking for the backup headers, phase 2 reads the actual data in, so can tape several hours per tape, depending on tape capacity.