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NetBackup upgrade from version 6.5 to the 7.1


can I upgrade NetBackup  from version 6.5 to the  7.1 direct or I need to upgrade to 7.0 first then to 7.1

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Hi,   7.1 Isn't released yet.



7.1 Isn't released yet. You're probably referring to 7.0.1 (which is a patch/maintenance pack).


To get to 7.0.1, you need to upgrade to 7.0, then patch to 7.0.1.


See the upgrade portal for details.

Is 7.1 out?

Or do you mean 7.0.1?

If the latter you'll need 7.0 installed first then 7.0.1.


If the former personally I'm not sure of the upgrade path, (in answer to my initial question!) available from next month via the FA program initially:



Too slow!

Hello,   If you are talking



If you are talking about upgrading NBU 6.5 to NBU 7.1 directly then this would be possible. However if it is about 7.0.1 then you will need to follow the path as mentioned above by other forum members.


7.1 FA Program now open.

I am interested in this also. As was going to upgrade to 7.0 eventually in coming months and by the time I do 7.1 will be out.

Which probably means GA within 1-2 months after FA release (14th Feb 2011).

Might test the waters on a non-prod environment first.

NetBackup 7.1 First Availability

What are the key new features NetBackup 7.1?
The marquee features of NetBackup 7.1 include:
  • Disaster Recovery
    • AIR: Auto Image Replication
  • Virtualization
    • Linux single file restore for VMware
    • Smart Policies for VMware
  • Manageability / Ease of Use
    • Customer Experience
    • License / Inv / Deployment reporting
      • Capacity model
    • OpsCenter VBR parity
    • Audit Trails (Phase 2)
    • SLP Reporting
    • Native Packaging
    • LiveUpdate- Client Major Version Upgrade
  • Deduplication
    • HPUX MSDP support
    • Oracle dedupe improvements
  • IPv6 Support
  • Supportability
    • Job flow logging improvements
    • Status Code 5 Cleanup
  • Proliferation
    • Red Hat 6
    • AIX 7
    • FT Media Server – 8Gb HBA
    • BMR Windows support of SFW5
    • Snapshot Client updates        


Linux SFR now that looks interesting. I wonder how they get that working. (Small installed binary inside the Linux VM like VMware's VDR)

is 7.1 a major version?

What I want to know is if 7.1 is considered a major release.  There's a lot of things in the 7.0 documents that are slated to be discontinued in the next major release (including the Java Admin Console).  Does this mean they are no longer available in 7.1?  Based on the old numbering system, 7.1 would be considered a major release, but with everything Symantec has changed, I'm not sure if it's still considered a major release or not.

and yes, I'm currnetly at 6.5.6, looking to upgrade to 7.1.


I think 7.1 will be/is classed as a minor release


5.0 Major
5.1 Minor
6.0 Major
6.5 Minor
7.0 Major

therefore one would presume 7.1 minor & 8.0 the next major (unless the numbers change radically by then?!)

When will 7.1 GA be released?

When will 7.1 GA be released?

RE: Linux SFR

RE: Linux SFR now that looks interesting. I wonder how they get that working.

This is not like vDR. The true FlashBackup technology that powered Windows VMs is also the basis for Linux SFR. No client software is installed on Linux VM although you have an option to install a quisce tool (since VMware does not provide a sync driver in Linux VMware tools, we had to develop one).

It is a single pass backup from VMware backup host (which is Windows), NetBackup understands VMDK and file system on it (without mounting it anywhere on account of FlashBackup technology) and catalog things needed for SFR.

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7.1 is not a major release

NetBackup Java GUI is available in 7.1 as well.

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Stuart says above

Which probably means GA within 1-2 months after FA release (14th Feb 2011).




Yes, you can upgrade to 7.1 from ANY 6.x!
To assist with your upgrade, we recommend a stop at the Symantec Operations Readiness Tools page:

7.1 is out as of today

Just got off a webseminar on 7.1  it was release today, and they said on it that you can do a direct upgrade from 6.x to 7.1

Confirm I now have the 7.1 LU

Confirm I now have the 7.1 LU files...Let's see how it goes :)