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NetBackup - what licenses do i need?

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Hi. I'm newbie in Veritas, and it seems difficult to understand without any guidance and answers licensing. Need help to calculate necessary licenses to backup environment and compare TCO with Veeam proposal. Long story short: We do have 48 HP blades with approx. 300 Vm's, Alletra Storage with 675 TB formatted space to be backedup, have HP StoreOnce for daily needs backups. We might configure dedicated 1RU servers for backup needs, but how many should be?

What would be backup architecture? what license do we need?


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Hi @muminovtm 

You should let Veritas do the licensing calculations as part of a competitive offer.  

You get best prices from Veritas & Veem when they know another vendor is part of the game.

Make sure technical support is included and a fixed price on capacity upgrades.

Good day. I've send 5 requests during past week (every day) on Veritas website, nobody contacted me, that's why i decided to ask for community support. neither here nobody can help with licensing. seems i'll be forced to choose alternative solutions, since calculation from my local integrator shows that Veeam will costs us approx 300k, and Veritas roughly a 1M. I do believe they did some mistakes in their calculation, but can't prove it.

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Call Veritas and ask for a sales person,  or a contact a local reseller. 

Veems is not a bad product, but pls remember to do the full comparison.

Open question consider - not a complete list - just on top of my head:

  • Agent support between the two.
  • How to store backup data - you want deduplication
  • Technical Support included - and what level.
  • Upgrade to new versions ?
  • How is capacity measured between the two, front end or back end ? This topic is really important.
  • scalability model - how does the two product scale 
  • Security features - FIPS compliance - audit logging etc.
  • Training included ?

Best Regards