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NetBakcup DLO backup selection could not be updated

Level 2
Hi Everyone,

Please help me to reslove this issue.

I have formatted a Laptop on which DLO agent was installed and After Reinstalling OS again the Laptop name was also changed.

Now I have installed the DLO agent on the Laptop again.

But issue is that I can not update the backup Selection List in DLO Agent. When I select the folders for backup and commit on "Save Changes"  DLO returns an Error "Failed to update backup Selection".

I thought it might me a permission issue but Permission was set properly in the DLO Profile. Also I can take the backup of C Drive but when I select other folders in other Drives it returns an error. I have also tried by uninstalling and reinstalling the DLO agent but it didn't  work.

I have installed 6.0 MP4 version of DLO.

Please Help me in this guys.......

Vijay Ranade.
Ph- +919322815551

Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
Have you tried changing the client name in the policy?  I would delete the old client name from the policy and then add a new client using the new name given after the OS install. 

When attempting to update the backup selections list, I'm sure the NBU server is not happy about the fact that the hostname of the system currently does not match the hostname of the system it has listed as the a client in the policy.