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Netapp Snapshots for Exchange Backup

Level 4

Just a quick question. Is it possible to use Netapp Snapshots for Exchange backups using the Snapshotmanager? At the moment we use Netapp Snapcenter to do this. The exchange DBs and log files are on Netapp lun‘s which are connected via iScsi to the Exchange server.


Level 3
Do you mean with "snapshotmanager" that NetBackup should take care of the Snapshot?
If yes, NBU can "talk" with hardware storage arrays (using APIs) so you can add your NetApp and let NetBackup tell the array that it should create a snapshot for the Exchange backup.
If not, please clarify what you mean.


yes I use this function for our VM Backups. I am not sure if it is possible for Exchange backups where only the exchange DBs are on a Netapp lun connected via iSCSI. Is there any demo config available for such a scenario? I am really missing such howtos for netbackup. Especially for onprem servers/applications. Not everything is in a cloud :)

My second question in this case would be: Are single item (mail,.. ) restores possible for array snapshots? Is this already supported in the webui? In NBU 10.2 I was not able to find anything regarding exchange restores in the wbui.