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Netapp snapshots instead of using NDMP

Level 3


I'm looking to backup Netapp 8.3.1 CIFS shares using snapshot instead of NDMP. Is this possible? I've configured a test policy with the settings attached, NDMP server is configured under client. I receive 

cannot communicate with client, snapshot validation is not possible.

Error code 25 : cannot connect on socket
(Status 25)






Level 6

Hi @Jeffro_005 

The policy type "Standard" will require a NetBackup agent installed on the client. As this is a NetApp I cant see this being possible. That is the primary cause of your error - the policy is incorrectly specified.

As for versions - do you mean cDOT release 8.3.1 or is this the NetBackup version

If you want to perform snapshot backups you have a couple of choices.

  1. Replication Director - probably not a good choice as both Veritas and NetApp want to depreciate the technology. It still works and can be a good solution for snapshot and subsequent backup from snapshot but I wouldn't be deploying this now. For this refer to the Replication Director Guide.
  2. CloudPoint snapshots - these support NetApp snapshots, although not sure how easy it to backup the snapshot. Review the snapshot client manual and look at DNAS. CloudPoint also requires a CP server to run this software. Current NetBackup licensing includes CP licensing as well. Review the CloudPoint install guide and the snapshot client admin guide in the documentation.

In both cases, the policy type I think will still need to be NDMP.



@Jeffro_005 another option (non-snapshot) to try out would be Accelerator with NDMP. This would still use an NDMP policy type. Our NAS does not support Accelerator (yet!) so haven't had the opportunity to test. If you do test, it would be nice to see how well it works and improvements.