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Netbackup 6.5 - Index Rebuild

I know.... 6.5...LOL!!

 Can someone tell me how to stop an index rebuild now that it has been kicked off? It has been running for quite sometime and we would like to cancel it. Ramifications if stopped? Thanks so much!!

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Re: Netbackup 6.5 - Index Rebuild

Please Help! Smiley Happy

Re: Netbackup 6.5 - Index Rebuild

Sorry for not being able to help.

NBU 6.5 is a distant, bad memory.....

Always good to share as much background information as possible - like the reason why you started an index rebuild?


Re: Netbackup 6.5 - Index Rebuild

when you say indexing, are you referring import operation or indexing server?

Re: Netbackup 6.5 - Index Rebuild

Weird thing is that @Flexnet69 has been quiet for a whole week now!

Re: Netbackup 6.5 - Index Rebuild

Thanks All,

  My apologies, I understand the cofusion now. The Rebuild Index question I had was for Symanted Enterprise Vault. Issue is we have some files that fail to recover from the NBU Migrator. Probably should have posted in an EVault Forum. Again my apologies..