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Netbackup 6.5 New Tape Drive

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Hello All,


I received a new tape drive for my tape library.  I ran the configuration wizard to bring the new drive in so that Netbackup can see it.  The drive is not showing ready so I did not get any backup to complete when trying to use this new drive.  The drive is a SCSI drive, drive type HCART3, Control is TLD.

The question is:  How to I get the drive to show ready and write enabled to show ready?


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Where do you see the 'not ready'?

In Device Monitor? If so, this is quite normal. A drive shows 'No' in the 'Ready' column when there is no tape loaded in the drive.

To get NBU to use the extra drive, change the number of drives in the Storage Unit properties.

Please post output of the following from cmd:

tpconfig -l
vmoprcmd -d
bpstulist -U

Level 6
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Adding to Marianne's post, please post output of "scan" command.
Is this drive visible on OS?