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Netbackup 6.5 beta- did anyone tried testing it?

Level 6
Did anyone had a chance to test the beta version of Netbackup 6.5?
Any feedback or opinion that you can kindly share?
For those who is planning to upgrade (say, by Q4 this year) from version 5, is it worth to wait for 6.5 release or should one go for version 6.0 first? 
Thanks in advance for all your information and sharing.

Level 6
Hi Chia,
Long time no see. Good to see you back here.
If my feedback counts, I have it in one of my nonprod/test environment (got last week only) and so far it's behaving but environment I have is fairly simple and straight forward (one master configured as media server too with a tape library, no disks, which means not using any of the cool new features). Given the addition functionality 6.5 have, I would say plan to move on 6.5 instead of 6. It is due for GA sometime in August.
If your environment is fairly large, Symantec has special program for doing upgrade for you. Contact your sales rep.

Level 6
Hi Rakesh,
Nice to hear from you. I've been busy with some Tier-1 SAN storage evaluation & followed with a short vacation. :) 
Thanks for your opinion. I've been trying to convince my management to hold the upgrade till NB6 is stable and till there's a genuine push factor for it. And it looks like by end this quarter I have to get it done with due to the lack of support of database agent for MS SQL2005 in NB5.
Again the availability and stability of the product comes into the picture. If 6.5 builds on top of 6.0 (other than those new features) and had minor change to the core, I would be more for moving to 6.5, instead of 6.0, too.

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6.0 MP4 is very stable. 6.5 has pretty much same concept/core as 6.0 with additional functionality built into base product.

Level 6
Is 6.0 going to continue to have MP's just in case you don't want the additional functionality (..bugs..) that 6.5 will introduce? or will it end with MP4?

Level 3
Its possible somehow try/test NB6.5?