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Netbackup 6.5 strange independent tapes deassigning


Some issue with tapes appeared. About 200 tapes deassigned independently. It is critical situation beacause on that tapes yearly and monthly backups stored. I found in Netbackup reports:

Deassigned media-id EL0430 on host

Deassigned media-id EL0746 on host



Does anybody know about how to fix that issue? May be reassign that tapes? And what is root cause of the problem?

Thanks in advanced.

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To me that looks like the

To me that looks like the normal unassigning of media during the image cleanup process which runs automatically on the system.

Initially it will be based upon the retention levels you've set on your backups. Once all images on a piece of media have expired then it can be unassigned by the image cleanup process (which runs bpexpdate -deassignempty) which makes the media available for re-use.

I would double check your retention periods on your yearly & monthly backup policies. If they prove to be incorrect (or were at the time of the backup) and you are sure you have 'lost' data that you shouldn't then you'll need to re-import the data on this group of media.

If images from the catalog

If images from the catalog are 'deleted' then this can lead to media be deassigned.

If the retention periods of the tapes were fine, this is the most likely cause (providing no-one manually ran bpexpdate commands).

Problem is, it isn'y NBU that is 'deleting' bits of the catalog - it would be external.


Martin, What do you think, if


What do you think, if images will be returned to catalog, NBU can reassign that media?

Could you please give me some recomendations if really images from catalog disappeared.

May be some actions with catalog backups?

Thank you.