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Netbackup 6 Bug? Multiplexing resets to 1 in summary

Level 4
Is this a bug / feature ?

When I change any policy schedule property through the summary of all policies window, the media multiplexing, which is greyed out, get set back to 1. This is either selecting 1 policy at a time, or multiple.

This is not an issue if I change properties without 1st going into the summary window. However, we are global with many remote staff, so this bug is getting randomly propagated.

Anyone else experience this?
Any known bugs / fixes?

NBU 6.0 MP4 on AIX5.3


Level 6
I have not seen this but I am curious. Are all the other factors for setting up multiplexing at a proper level for making the change? In other words does the change exceed any of the following so that it is set back to original?

Global Attributes, Maximum jobs per client
Storage Units, multiplexing
Policy Attributes, Limit jobs per policy

Level 4
Hi Bob,


Just arrived to new job & been given NBU to solve.

Global Attributes, Maximum jobs per client = 4
Storage Units, multiplexing = 4
Policy Attributes, Limit jobs per policy = blank / not ticked

Backups have been overrunning for years, typically weekends finish on Tue!

I can see that the drive utilisation rates were 10 - 20% of expected throughput, maily due to wintel file servers, millions of files = sub 5MB throughput & holding 2 drives (offsite copy / onsite) & hundreds of queued jobs.

Many dailys were set to default mpx=2, a few set to 5 (inexplicably, as 4 set on store group)
All full schedules were default mpx=1 i.e. none

I set mpx = 4 for daily schedules at first, to prove the concept, dailys are now under control.

I have now set all schedules to mpx=4

I will streamline further into storage groups once I can achieve a weekend that finishes during the weekend.

Setting the mpx=4 was through the gui, they set no probs. Then I notice that a few are now mpx=1 in the summary. I had not changed them. Another operator must have changed I thought.

A few tests later, I discover that by changing any other atribute through the summary window will set the mpx back to 1.

I cant explain it.