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Netbackup 6 - changing IP address

Level 4

We are planning a change of IP on NBU 6.0 MP4
Mixed clients, mostly Wintel & AIX, some RedHat

I have a few things so far that I know I need to think about...

*Client agents uses DNS reverse lookup, so if the DNS cache entry of the clients hasn't expired, it might need flushing. We can run a script across all the Wintel machines to mitigate this.

*If any client agents have been installed using the IP of NBU master, instead of the FQ name, or uses hosts file entries, that will be an issue. Hopefully that's non or few & is a small enough risk to address on a case by case basis if any arise.

*ICMP Monitoring (Solarwinds) update

*Clients that are in DMZ need firewall rule updates

*Check NOM still works

*Check Robot scheduled batch triggers (like a remote CRON / WINAT - which trigger policies after batch jobs complete)


Can anyone expand this list or point me to a tech note?





Level 5
To be sure, that the fqdn is in all the netbackup configs you can push the server entries via bpsetconfig -h <clientname> <bp.conf example with the correct server entries> - only the things you specify in the file you roll out will be changed - if you do not specify a client name in the file, the name will remain unchanged.

Level 6

Check for "required interface" entries in the netbackup clients properties. I would also want to verify ALL local hosts files and cleanout the garbage that may be there at this time.


good catch on flushing the DNS cache. many times it is overlooked.

Level 4
Thanks guys.

We dont have any multihomed that I know about but I will look for req'd interfaces.

Is there any value in logging an incident with symantec to advise further?
Since we have paid for support.

Would I expect any quality info out of them?

I trust this community to have been there/ done that more than a helpdesk operator.

Any thoughts?