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Netbackup 6.x with Netbackup 7.0

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Hi all,


I want to ask you something, What is the differences beetwen netbackup 6.x with 7.0?


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Lots of new features in 7.0. Highlights in Release Announcement

Details in Release Notes:

More useful info on the Upgrade Portal such as:

6.  With NetBackup 7.X, all Unix/Linux 32-bit support has been discontinued. To upgrade these systems to NetBackup 7.X, you must first migrate your current NetBackup  6.x catalog and  
database to a 64-bit system with a supported platform. 32-bit Media servers that runs NetBackup 6.x are compatible with 64-bit Master servers that run NetBackup 7.X.


Differences as far as compatibility is concerned for different platforms, hardware, databases, etc. can be found in the MASTER Compatibility list:

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Dear mrs Marianne,


i know about that.. but i mean just the resume, because it's verry hard to me to understant that release note.

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Unix 32 bit support has gone - clients must be 64 bit to use NBU7.1

vSphere backups implemented - possibly one of the most useful additions (and HyperV)

NetBackup De-Duplication option now avaiable - really easy to use on a Standard NetBackup system (biggest feature)

Bare Metal Restore integrated and at no cost

NetBackup Realtime added for replication of data

NetBackup OpsCenter included at no cost

Support for Windows 2008 R2, Exchange 2010, Oracle Cloning

New licensing models - ESX based / Capacity based

AIR is introduced in the latest level to allow cross NetBackup Domain duplications

Hope this helps


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Have you actually had a look at the 1st URL that I've posted?

Highlights in Release Announcement


The marquee features of NetBackup 7.0 Beta include:

Fully Integrated Deduplication
  • Native NetBackup Client Deduplication
  • NetBackup Media Server Deduplication (without the need for a separate server to control dedupe storage)
OpsCenter (and OpsCenter Analytics)
  • Single deployment, configuration and user interface for monitoring, alerting and basic reporting functionality (an upgrade and replacement to NetBackup Operations Manager)
  • Point-and-click reports across NetBackup, Backup Exec, PureDisk and Enterprise Vault
Expanded VMware Protection & Recovery with vStorage API support
  • Reduce hardware requirements by eliminating proxy server for off-host backups
  • Faster backups with block-level incremental backup (BLIB) support
  • Instantly find individual files from a BLIB backup (unique to NetBackup)
Expanded Microsoft Hyper-V Features
  • Reduce application impact from backup with off-host backup capability
  • Faster backups with the support for incremental backups of a VHD
Simplify Backup & Recovery of Enterprise Vault 8.0 environments
  • Improved Enterprise Vault agent reduces configuration time and the need for multiple jobs
NetBackup Server and Client Proliferation
  • Windows 7 Client support
  • Windows 2008 R2 Client/Server support
Bare Metal Restore
  • BMR migration to WinPE 2.1 support