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Netbackup 7.0.1 and Equallogic ISCSI SAN

We're moving our storage from Netapp to Equallogic. Simple question - how do you configure Netbackup to back up data  (general user data docs, spreadsheets etc.) on volumes on the Equallogic array. What licenses are required please?

With the Netapp filers we were licensed for NDMP. Easy just point the NDMP policy at the snapshot path.

With Equallogic I'm guessing you need to enable the snapshot client functionality and then you can use the Equallogic Auto-snapshot manager toolkit? What do I have to buy to enable this. At the moment all the snapshot client section at the bottom of the policy window is greyed out with a Windows policy.

I logged a call with Symantec and they said they knew nothing about Equallogic.

I logged a call with Equallogic and they said they knew nothing about Netbackup. I'm going round in circles.

Can somebody just give me a straight answer ( and include screenshots) of how they've configured their Netbackup install to perform this task.It can't be that hard surely?

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iSCSI is a block protocol

I don't know much about the Equalogic product, but if you're saying it's iSCSI, then it's presenting BLOCKs to the hosts whereas the NetApp was presenting FILEs.  BIG, BIG difference.

As long as you're presenting blocks, you will need to do the backup from the hosts that use those blocks.  That means putting clients on those hosts and using traditional NetBackup file-based backups or FlashBackup.


Just mount the disk from

Just mount the disk from Equallogic and copy it to storage unit using a Standard Client.

Dell HIT provides a VSS snapshot provider, if you want to use snapshots, buy an Enterprise Client.


Thank you for the responses

Thank you for the responses guys. The plan is now to install the netbackup client on the file servers (these connect to the Equallogic volumes over iscsi and provide dfs shares to the users) and backup the appropriate local disks. Downside is the client backups will go over the LAN network.


Install Media server software

Install Media server software on each file server and zone tape drives to the file servers. You will need Enterprise Client license for each file server to config as SAN media servers (local tape backups).


Just for the record, Equallogic is not supported with array snapshot method.  If Storage Foundation with FlashSnap will be used on file servers, volume snapshots can be used for offhost backups (this is also subject to compatibility)

NetBackup 7 Snapshot Client (CL):


Dell recommends to have

Dell recommends to have dedicated network connections for iSCSI traffic, so if you have a SAN-based tape library you can share tape drives with the File Servers and with help of SAN media server copy files directly to tapes. However, you need an Enterprise Client license along with Shared Storage Option for that


Unfortunately not licensed

Unfortunately not licensed for that and just looking into getting licenses to back up VMware which is going to cost a fortune!

Now looking at using the Equallogic integration tools to script a snapshot of the volumes and then backup to tape (using bpstart.notify and bpend.notify batch files). This will then avoid the backup network traffic and back up a snapshot (smart copy) and not the live data.

If anyone has done this please sharesmiley