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Netbackup backup VMs strange issues.

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Hi all,

i've encounter a strange issues which i hope to seek some comments and advise here before logging a call with symantec.

i've a netbackup domain configure with V.I.P to backup all the VMs in each of the 3 x ESX servers.

-policy 1 tat backups all VMs in esx1, policy 2 to backup all VMs in esx2, and policy 3 to backup all VMS in esx3.

-each esx holds abt 15 x VMs.

The backup runs fine..EXCEPT for 3 particular VMs, which always failed with 156.

-There's no snapshot stuck in these 3 x VMs from Snapshot manager in the Virtual Center.

-At datastore level as well, there is no delta-files at the VMFS volume.

i've also tried to vMotion the 3 VMs to a different host, update the VIP policy to reflect the changes, and backup will still failed with this 3 x VMs.

however, if i create a new netbackup policy that do a manual selection on these 3 VMs, backup will run successfully.


comments plz~ :)


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Please check all of the snapshot options you have set for each policy - that is the only place i can see there would be something different between the policies

Maybe either a full mapping / quiecing issue

Is there anything linked between these three machines (have apps on them such as SQL / Exchange) which may be causing a quiece issue

Need a bit more from the logs on the Media Server to see exactly what the 156 error relates to

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Hi mark... Thanks for yr reply...not much info in the media server log. Have look through bpfis, bpvmutil,..not much info on tat..the main thing I'm trying to understand/find out is y when I put the 3x vm as manual selection, it works..but as v.i.p, it doesn't. Even if I vMotion these 3 vm to a single esx, and moving the rest of vm out of this esx ( isolating this esx solely for these 3 vm), running a VIP policy on this esx will render the same error.

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Can you provide the bpfis log from the VMware Backup host?  It would shed some light as to why you are getting Status 156.

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Are the 3 xVM's vmx-7 hardware level. If not upgrade them.