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Netbackup 7.1 Migration from MSCS cluster to VCS global Cluster

Hello Folks,


I need some information about Netbackup migration process from MSCS to VCS Global cluster....

I have Netbackup 7.1 clustered master server Active/Passive on MSCS windows 2008 server.... Now i would like to switch to VERITAS cluster server for Global cluster option..

Is there any special consideration required except catalog restoring and same naming convention?

if someone had a experience then please share the experience.. 

Thanking in Advance...

Best Regards, 

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I have noticed that nobody

I have noticed that nobody has replied to your post, suggesting that nobody has ever tried that.

Requirements that I have found in Catalog recovery TN:

For clustered Master Servers this means:

1. The DR Master Server must also be clustered using the same virtual host name, although the number and names of the member nodes can be different
2. The DR Master Server must be running the same operating system, NetBackup version and clustering software as the original Master Server


My feeling is that your scenario will work if the following is in place:

Same NBU version (incl patch level). Same virtual hostname and same install path. This will include location of shared data for catalogs.
So, important to ensure same mount point/drive letter is used in Service Group for the MountV resource.


Will Symantec endorce this?

Probably not.... Unless executed by trained consulting partner....


Thanks..... :)

Thanks for your reply.... i have tried and its working ......