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Netbackup 7.1 VMWare 4.1 Incremental/Cumulative Larger than Full

Level 2

We have just setup a new environment for 7.1 new install to backup our VMWare 4.1 Test Environment but i am having the above issue where any incremental or full is as big or bigger than the Full backup details below of steps taken in troubleshooting so far.


  • Media Server and Master Server both have the Archive Bit cleared in the Agent settings
  • 1 Policy with a full backup and an Incremental (changed to Cumul but no change)
  • Full backup completes successfully with exit status 0
  • I have read many forum posts and checked a number of other items , - checked VM machine
  • VM Machine version 7
  • All files are created date newer than 1970 (actually all newer than 1999)
  • Policy is Flash Backup Windows, with Block Level set
  • Tried different VM machine same issue
  • Direct to Disk no tapes involved yet, ISCSI to LUN inside Media Server
  • Both Master and Media are VM 2003

If anyone has any further ideas to check i would be most gratefule

Many thanks






Level 3

Hi - are you using VCB? We have an issue where the white space of a VM drive is also captured within a backup. i.e. any free space on the Virtual machines drive is also backed up.

Check your client snapshot options for VMDK type - 0 optimized, 1 Full. The optimized option shouldn't capture the white space but in our instance it is set to 0 but still does.

I haven't gotten around to re-opening this issue with support but your issue sounds similar.

Level 4

Hi All,

Please help....... as after configuring the VM backup as per below configuration, we are facing failures with Snapshot Error Encountered.

  • Policy Type: Flash Backup-Windows
  • ESX Machine on Linux
  • VM machines on this esx are of WIN 2003 R2 Enterprise 32 bit
  • Full Backup Schedule
  • Browsed and got the vm machines added in the policy.
  • Selection List: ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES

After initiating full backup the backup fails to capture the snapshot and failes with error 156.