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Netbackup 7.5 SANFiler Restore to Windows Server

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I'm having an issue trying to do a restore using Netbackup 7.5 from a SANFiler to a Windows Server using policy type NDMP. When I try to change the destination of the restore by default it wants to use the original location which uses a UNIX type file structure, I want to restore it to a Windows server, but I get "Invalid Path" every time, does anyone know how to do this kind of restore? or can it be done?


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NDMP type backup can only be restored to NDMP filer of same manufacturer.

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hi Parbogast,

if the backup was taken using the policy type as NDMP, you can only get it restore to the Nas filer of the same source , or you can use another NSA filer as destination.

you can not get this restore to any other Window or unix servers..

so get the restore to NAS filer, and them copy the data to your required server. (by mapping the NAS volume as network drive)


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Thanks everyone for the input!