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Netbackup 7.5 for VMware and DB2 backup.

Hi Guys....

After long time I am creating this thread in NBU forum...........smiley

We have the following:-

1. IBM Lotus 8.5 on RHEL 5 (64bit).

2. IBM Content Manager using DB2 9.7 on RHEL 5 (64 bit) used for Lotus Mail Archive. Websphare is used in this software bundle.

3. Two IBM TSM server(In VM ) were used to take Lotus mail backup and DB2 backup respectively.

4. VMware server.

5. A DELL storage server is used for all the VM (VMware datastore) and its in HA mode.

Current situation:-

1. There is a IBM TSM (In a VM) taking backup of Lotus mail on to disk. (Disk Based backup).

2. Another IBM TSM (In VM) taking the DB2 backup (Lotus Archive Mail).

Now, we were planning to take DB2, Lotus Mail and VMs backup using NBU 7.5.

My query:-

1. Can we replace both IBM TSM backup server which was used for taking Lotus mail and DB2 backup.

2. I am not sure that the NBU 7.5 can be used to take DB2 backup and is this DB2 backup will have the entire archive mail. In other word does DB2 backup will backup the Archive mail done by "IBM Content Manager".

3. Is there any restoration issue of this DB2 (Archive mail) on to the IBM Content Manager.

What are the pros and cons of replacement of IBM TSM, as this came bundled with IBM Content Manager.

Any best practice for this....



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Hi, Any


Any Updates..............




NetBackup can take backup of

NetBackup can take backup of DB2 using NetBackup for DB2 and backup of Lotus Domino using NetBackup for Lotus Notes. But there are no options that works in conjunction with IBM Content Manager. It depend on IBM Content Manager whether you can recover mail archive after restoring DB2 database used as backing store of IBM Content Manager. I don't know about TSM well so I can not provide pros and cons against TSM. Does anyone here provide further information?

Hi, Any one can provide


Any one can provide firther infromation...........crying




Hi, Any updates... Can we


Any updates...

Can we create some short of dump from the IBM DB3 content manger.

I have another same question:-

Does the archive mail of IBM lotus can be restored by restoring the DB3 database.



NetBackup database support is

NetBackup database support is documented in the Compatibility Guide:

The DB2 for NBU Guide describes the HOWTO from NBU point of view:

This is the sum-total of what we (as user Community) know.

How Lotus Mail Archive should be protected is a discussion you need to have with the Admins, or maybe look for it in IBM product documentation.

Your other alternative is to get hold of your local Symantec SE to put you in contact with the Symantec Regional Product Manager. This Product Manager will know who the relevant product expert is and channel your questions to this person.


Thanks a lot. I will get in

Thanks a lot.

I will get in touch with the symantec Product Expert.