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Netbackup 7.6 BasicDisk and Media Server HA on MS Cluster


I have installed two Netbackup Master Server on two node of MS Windows Cluster 2012 and I have installed two Stand-Alone Media server on to  phyzical server.

I want to run High Availability in backup and restore between my media servers and storage unit (BasicDisk).

Is it possible that  Add two media server in MS Cluster and create a Role for media server services and make a Shared Disk on MS Cluster in Failover mode ?! 

After create role of Services and Disk on Cluster, Create Storage unit  with Shared Disk Volume Letter and Role Virtual Name as a storage unit media server.


Thanks for your help.


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NBU media server cannot be

NBU media server cannot be clustered.

You can install independent media server software on each node, then add app_cluster in NBU for virtual hostname associated with existing application cluster group, then add STU using the virtual hostname.
The virtual hostname used for app_cluster and STU name will be the same as the hostname used in Clients tab of policy.

More info and detailed instructions in NBU HA guide.
NetBackup in Highly Available Environments Administrator's Guide