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Netbackup 7.7.3 Snap or Flashcopy backup


I'm researching the ability that Netbackup policy says it can do.....Snap or FlashCopy. Is anybody using Snap or FlashCopy in a NetBackup policy and how well is it working for you? I know nothing about it but I'm looking for ways to improve our backups.

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Re: Netbackup 7.7.3 Snap or Flashcopy backup

I have seen snapshot backups being used by various customers using various supported technologies.

The technology to be used depends on the hardware and volume management software being used in the environment.
NBU will plug into the hardware vendor's snapshot technology to automate the process.
Else, Veritas Infoscale (Storage Foundation / Volume manager) can also be used to provide snapshot backups across different underlying storage.

For offhost backups, additional storage is needed to provide full volume snapshots.

Best to tell us what kind of storage you have in your environment. 

Supported hardware and software can be found here: 
NBU 7.7 Snapshot Client (CL): 

HOWTO (with different chapter for each technology type): NetBackup Snapshot Client Administrator's Guide 



Re: Netbackup 7.7.3 Snap or Flashcopy backup

Hello Marianne,

I missed meeting you in person at last years Veritas Vision 2016.

Here's the deal....we have just over 6,000 VM's......cooked file system for each VM is sitting on NetApp storage and the Oracle DB for about 500 of those is sitting on IBM V7K storage. This is on our "shared" backup solution.

We have some customers with their own master/media/client servers that we also maintain (we are primarily a Linux/Unix shop but also have some Windows clients but no Windows masters). I'm just trying to figure out how the "snap" and "flashcopy" work inside Netbackup to see if we can implement this for some of our most critical customers.

All masters/medias are 7.7.3. We do have NBU Appliances (5230's) in our shared solutions (3 shared solutions with a total of 9 appliances with max storage for each appliance).

My team and I do not have access to the storage GUI's but we can get the assistance of either storage team to work with us on this. Sadly, I don't know enough to ask any better questions about storage and snap/flashcopy technicalities. My team and I are strictly Data Protection and Disaster Recovery engineers and we have limited access on Linux/Unix and what Windows boxes we support.

Sorry this is so long but our environments are not simple for the most part. We are always looking for ways to make backups (especially for DB's) faster with our best foot forward for data recovery.