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Netbackup 7.7 cant decommission a media server which has some data on SLP

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I am trying to decommission a media server but keeps failing with the error below:.

/nbemmcmd -deletehost -machinename -machinetype media
NBEMMCMD, Version: 8.0
The function returned the following failure status:
generic EMM SQL error (193)
Command did not complete successfully.
I have moved all the storage units being referenced by the media server. but I unable to move the slp data or cancel any incmoplete slp job. Find the error below:

There are images under SLP control that are either in-process or yet to be
processed. Either wait for these images to complete or do the following:
1. Run "nbstlutil cancel -lifecycle Unix_apps_SLP -force".

How can we decommission a media server still under SLP?


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Hi @Peteros1

Are you sure that you want to delete these images? Did you already duplicate to another storage/tape or these images can be deleted?

As far I know, you cannot deleted images over SLP control, until that you manually do this...

If you really can delete these images, take a look this article, there are some SLP commands.


Hope this helps.




I have duplicated the images to another storage device and have canceled all incomplete SLP jobs. Presently there are no images being referenced to the media server to be decommissioned.