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Netbackup 7 - BMR for Solaris X64 Problem (SRT Creation ERROR)

Level 3
Partner Accredited Certified
Hi All,

My Netbackup master server: Solaris 10 Update 8, x64 + Netbackup 7
I tried to use Solaris 10 Update 5,6,7,8 to create the SRT for Solaris BMR but all fails.
Below is the log. Does anyone has idea about it? I already logged the support case but still cannot fixed ir\t for 2 weeks.

Many Thanks

# ./bmrsrtadm

Select one of the following options:
    1.  Create a new Shared Resource Tree.
    2.  Create a new CD image based Shared Resource Tree.
    3.  Copy an existing Shared Resource Tree to a new location.
    4.  Import a Shared Resource Tree.
    5.  Modify an existing Shared Resource Tree.
    6.  Delete an existing Shared Resource Tree.
    7.  List Shared Resource Trees available on this server.
    8.  Quit.
Enter your selection (1-8) [1] : 1
Enter the name of the SRT to create : x86
Enter the description of the new SRT : x86
Enter desired level of Solaris/SunOS (8/5.8, 9/5.9 or 10/5.10) [5.10] :
Enter the directory in which to place the new SRT [/export/srt] :
Enter a [hostname:/]pathname containing a suitable Solaris 5.10
OS CDROM or OS image location [/sol-10-u7-ga-x86-dvd] : /cdrom/cdrom0
This step may take considerable time. Please wait...
Unpacking miniroot...
OS image installation did not succeed.
Verifying target directory...
Calculating space required for the installation boot image
Copying Solaris_10 Tools hierarchy...
Copying Install Boot Image hierarchy...
Copying /boot netboot hierarchy...
Install Server setup complete
Removing SRT "x86" from server -- please stand by ...

Level 5
1. Please attach the bmrsrtadm log (you will find it in /usr/openv/logs/bmrsrt/)
2. Please provide the support case id, most likely the log will be available with them and I can get it from there too.

Level 5
I assume you are seeing this case move now?
If I am not wrong, you are now able to create a Sol10U8 SRT, but are facing some issue in adding the NBU client to it?