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Netbackup 7 Diskspace issues with verbose=0

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HI Experts,


Need your advice, I have an issue with my netbackup, the disk keeps filling up with the logs under /usr/openv/netbackup/logs mostly from the folders








Is there a way we can disable them, i already have a verbose=0 on the bp.conf file. But whats the reason of still creating logs on these folders? Is there a seperate process to disable these as well? 

Any help would be appriciated. 





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They are only produced if the underlying directories are created (not there by default) either by manually creating the directories or running the mklogdir script.

You can remove them (would do this when NetBackup has been stopped to ensure they are not being written to at that time) & only create those directories you need if you are encountering specific issues with those particular processes.

There are quite a few T/N's regarding various aspects of logging. You may find the following of interest in the first instance:

DOCUMENTATION: Best Practice recommendations for enabling and gathering NetBackup (tm) logging

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You will have to restart Netbackup for bp.conf setting to take effect

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Default Netbackup keep legacy logs for 28 days - Try reducing this number eg. 7 days. This may be a lot faster than configuring log rotation.

You find the "Keep logs For" setting in the Clean-up dialog under Host Properties.

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bprd & bpbrm are known to produce huge logs when enabled, bprd handles all backup & restore request, while bpdbm interacts with image database. You might want to also disable "enable robust logging" in "logging" host properties.

Also check under /usr/openv/logs to see if those nb* (vxul) logs take up more diskspace than you think.

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Thanks for every one its been nice to see a bunch of Solutions you figured out.

Watsons, there is no Enable Robust Logging turned on and i have Global Loggin level as 0(min). 

Nicola, i just make the change from 28 to 7.

cchan, yes i did a restart of services before.

Andy, i check the this command # ./vxlogcfg -a -p NB -o Default -s DebugLevel=3 -s DiagnosticLevel=3

here is what i have :


# grep DiagnosticLevel /usr/openv/netbackup/nblog.conf
# grep DebugLevel /usr/openv/netbackup/nblog.conf
do u think i have to make the DiagnosticLevel to 3 or 0? 

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you can manually remove directory 


/usr/openv/netbacup/logs#> rm -fr bptm bpdbm bpcd

we can create it again whenever we want for troubleshooting.

On which server you are faing this issue ...Master , Media or Client ??

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the vxlogcfg command deals with the more "recent" introduction of Unified logs.

From what you initially said, it's the legacy logs that you need to deal with (at least to start with).

As per my earlier post (& that of Yogesh below) I would stop NetBackup, remove the directories (& the logs they contain), then restart NetBackup. Only really necessary to have the logs for troubleshooting if you have issues with those particular processes.

If you still have space issues after doing this then we'll look to see if anything else needs amending.