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Netbackup 8.1.1 Replication Director and AIR

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Hi all,

is there any experience combining Replication Director and AIR feature from NBU,

my current environment was i have NBU Master Server in DC, it connected to Netapp storage, configure storage snapshoot, manage by Netapp Plug in, and then replicate snapshot to DRC site, 

my question is :

1.if i use AIR for replicate to DRC, what infrastructure that i need ? (do i still need Master, Media, and plug in)

2.if i use replication director, for DC and DR Solution, hence both site use netapp storage  with same type, when my dc down, and i only have master server on my DR, can it still do restore ?

thank you


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AIR is implemented between NetBackup domains, so you need two domains, and storage and media servers in both domains that are capable of replicating the backup images stored on them to another device e.g DataDomain or NetBackup Appliance to name a few. 

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Looks like Replication Director is not supported with AIR.

See this extract from the Troubleshooting Guide:

Although Auto Image Replication supports replication across different master server domains, the Replication Director does not.

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When you use Replication operation in case of Replication director although the name is replication it it under the same master server. The replication terminology is for storage side replication i.e. Snapvault or Snap mirror in case of NetApp storage..

@Marianne I believe this is what the guide was trying to say that although the operation is Replication it is not the same as Replication in terms of AIR

To combine RD and AIR you need to have a Backup From snapshot operation configured in the SLP which would eventually create a tar image from the storage snapshot or the replicated copy (snapvault or snapmirror). And you need to ensure that the backup from snapshot operation uses a storage that supports AIR i.e. MSDP or other supported OST devices..

With this configuration you would be able to replicate the image to another master server and also be able to perform file level restores from the DC master.

In case of RD if you do not have backup from snapshot or an index from snapshot operation configured in the SLP the meta data is not cataloged in NBU and every time you attempt to either browse files or perform restores the snapshot needs to be mounted on the media server and then files are read which would be resource and time intensive. If you combine AIR and RD nbu creates the tar image and meta data information when the backup from snapshot operation runs and eventually this part would be replicating to the DR master hence there is no requirement to mount the snapshot at the time of restores or browsing