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Netbackup 8.1.1 & VMWare backups

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Have 6 media servers.  Two are dedicated to VM backups.  The others for client based backups.

I am interested in making two more of these 6 servers available for VM backups (and also still maintain their client based backups as well).  I was told by the last administrator that this was configured in NBU, but I am not seeing ANYTHING in NBU that appears to provide any configuration for these VM backups other than the Policy type.

Can anyone provide any information on where I may be able to locate this configuration in NBU?




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What transport method you are using with the configured two? Maybe the prev admin did zone the ESXi LUNs to these two. If this is the case you may want to zone the same LUNs to the other two - or go with NBD transport method. Also make sure the other two are running on OS which supports VMWARE workload (backup host).

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Is this what you are asking for?


Otherwise the media server is driven by the target storage for your policy.