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Netbackup 8.3 immutable storage configuration

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Can anyone point me towards any good information on the new implementing Immutable storage feature released in 8.3. I'm looking to use this feature and thought it might just be a case of configuring a Storage unit with some kind of 'tick box' to make the backup images using this STU to be read-only (Immutable). I have an MSDP on a NetBackup appliance that I use as the backup destination for my policies.

Is it just a tick box or is there more to it? I couldn't see much detail in the Admin guide or Dedupe guide but perhaps I've just missed the pages where it details how to configure it/

many thanks in advance 


Level 6
The immutable configuration is currently available only on 5340 Flex appliance. Hope you have the same with you.

Once basic configuration is done you need to change the appliance mode to enterprise or compliance mode. These modes will allow you create worm storage server. You will also need a media server in order to complete the configuration. You can read more about it here