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Netbackup API: Pagination

Level 2

Currently we are fetching the Backup logs via Netbackup REST API to Servicenow. This has page limit set as 100.  There are 6 scheduled jobs running, for a master server, in Servicenow to fetch its data.

Servicenow team wants to reduce the frequency of the scheduled jobs to 3. For this, they were looking for increasing the page limit

When they updated the page limit to 200 and tried to run the job, it is getting errored out saying "Page limit must be less than 100".

There is a validation where they are checking if <=50. Can we increase this value to 100? How can they improve the pagination so that all the log data can be fetched with only 3 scheduled jobs?



Which API call are you using exactly? Different API calls handle pagination differently I've seen. However, you cannot change the max page size over 100.