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Netbackup Agent For Enterpise Vault

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we are Taking backup for Enterprise Vault setup like below using the Netbackup 8.1.1

1) Full Backup Friday, Cumulative Incremental Backup Dialy (Mondy to Thursday)  

we have a lot of errors reported like below : 

The fingerprint database 'EVVSGStoreGroup01_1_1' transaction log for Vault Store Group 'StoreGroup01' has not been backed up for 7 days. The information in this database is at risk until the database has been backed up.

We do know that Differential Incremental Backup is the only backup type that is used to truncate the SQL  transaction log and we know that the best practice to do Full Weekly Backup, and Differential Incremental daily.

What is the alternative backup way to keep my backup Schedules like Full Weekly, Cumulative incremental daily, and get rid of the SQL logs error in EV Console regarding truncating transaction log using the NetBackup? 

The Main Purpose is, I need to simplify the restoration process (last Full, Last Cumulative incremental ) 

If I change it to Full Weekly , Differential-Incremental Daily alerts errors regarding Translation logs will be removed but I want to avoid using Diff-Incre. to get faster restore process and to avoid any situation just in case the Diff-inc backup is failed within the week . 




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If you are happy how NBU backs up EV and only worried about  not getting nagged by EV that its database log has not been backed up, it's more of EV setting question than NBU's. Ask you EV admins to adjust Monitoring thresholds to relax them to 7 days before missing backup is reported.