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Netbackup BMR error Status 1

Level 1

Recently install the newest upgrade 8.3. Apparently the client is on an old Linux 4.15.0-72-generic. 

Detail Status:

Error bpbrm (pid=2788) BMRERR: Received BMR error: Failed to discover System. (12)
Error bpbrm (pid=2788) BMRERR: Received BMR error: BMR information discovery failed. (35)
Error bpbrm (pid=2788) BMRERR: Did not receive bmr client request from client, status = 0
Info bmrsavecfg (pid=0) done. status: 26: client/server handshaking failed
end writing
Operation Status: 26
Aug 31, 2020 8:00:08 PM - end Bare Metal Restore:Bare Metal Restore Save; elapsed time 0:00:04
Aug 31, 2020 8:00:08 PM - begin Bare Metal Restore: Policy Execution Manager Preprocessed
Operation Status: 0
end Bare Metal Restore: Policy Execution Manager Preprocessed; elapsed time 0:01:23
begin Bare Metal Restore:End Notify Script
Info RUNCMD (pid=7956) started
Info RUNCMD (pid=7956) exiting
Operation Status: 0
Bare Metal Restore:End Notify Script; elapsed time 0:00:01
Operation Status: 1
end Parent Job; elapsed time 0:01:30

The requested operation was partially successful.  (1)

Master/Media server is Window 2016


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Which NBU version is installed on the client? 

I checked the oldest OS SCL that I have on my laptop. 
It says the following about RHEL 4 : 
10. NetBackup 7.5 and later does not support this operating system on this CPU architecture.

Seems that the NBU version on the client is not supported by NBU 8.3. 

See this version compatibility link: