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Netbackup & Backup Exec on the same client

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Hi Everyone,


We run Netbackup for our backups(will be upgrading to 7.5 when GA is released). A business unit has purchased Backup Exec for some of its servers, already backed up by Netbackup. On the license they have Backup Exec 2010 Server and System Recovery Server 2011, I'm not familiar with Backup Exec at all.


From my understanding they want to use Backup Exec for snapshots before they do a deployment and then recover using the snapshot if required because they believe it is faster. Netbackup will still be used to perform daily/weekly backups.


So my question is, can both Netbackup and Backup Exec run on the same client without any problems?





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In general, It is not supported that NetBackup coexit with other backup software(including Backup Exec) on the same host. Especially NetBackup and BE has common client modules, risk is higher than other software.

I saw a trouble that caused by coexistance with Netbackup and BE before(sorry, I don't remember its detail).

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We has a situation when we migrated from Backup exec to NBU but previous software was not uninstalled. And this impacted to our backups. Intermittently NB client server was stopped and this was because of BExec. Uninstalled and all is working fine now. And in the installation guide it is said that you should uninstall any backup spftware beore installing NB.

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 run on the same client without any problems? 

Not possible without any problems. But if it is MUST to use, make sure that both softwares will not run jobs at the same time. Also stop BE services while running NBU jobs and vice versa.

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Thanks guys, i'll give it ago and if there is any issues i'll try your suggestions. If it completely doesnt work, I guess they wasted their money on a second product.