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Netbackup Catalog Archive

Level 6

HI All,

We have archived Old Catalog to tape, and now we lost the tape. We have a request from client to restore some old data unfortunately we lost cartarc tape.My doubt is there any way that we can restore the archived data by importing those specifc tapes ?

OS:- Linux

NBU vesrion:- 7.6.1


Level 6

you will have to read-in those tapes one by one to rebuild the data.

Level 6
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The header info is still in NBU catalogs. This info does not get archived along with the 'files' files.

You will probably need to expire the original images, then import tapes. 

When you expire the tapes, you need to prevent them from being overwritten - write protect them and move to a non-backup pool. 

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Marianne is correct, you will need to expire the images, but first physically write protect the tapes.  Then run phase 1 and phase 2 import.