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Netbackup Catalog Location

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Hi All,

i have two master server cluster using Microsoft Cluster service how can i check the location of catalog so i can replicate the folder two other location??


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There are several parts to the catalog which includes the database and the images.

On the active node of the cluster open the registry and check for

HKLM\Software\Veritas\NetBackup\CurrentVersion\Config\ will have the VXDBMS_NB_DATA entry showing where the databases are

By default the images are under \netbackup\db\images\

There should be a disk cluster resource for these so check there

Also check under HKLM\Software\Veritas\NetBackup\CurrentVersion\Paths\ for the DATABASE_PATH key

Hope this helps

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under installpath\netbackup\var

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Did you specify a 'shared drive' during NBU cluster installation? You should have done that. Clustered installation prompts for 'Path to Shared Data' . See chapter 2 of NBU Clustered Master Server Admin Guide as well as chapter 3 of NBU Installation Guide for Windows

The installation process creates the Relational database as well as the images database (plus all the stuff that normally goes into ...\netbackup\db) on this shared drive during installation.

The path to the shared volume can also be seen in the cluster group config.

Replicate that entire shared volume.