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Netbackup Catalog

Level 3

Does anyone know if you can restore a Netbackup Catalog 6.5 to a new server with 6.0. Server crashed and need to rebuild but only have the 6.0 installation disk. Can't find 6.5 media anywhere. Thank you for your help


Level 6
No you cannot.

Basic requirements for a catalog recovery are
1. same nbu version
2.same host name
3. same installation path

Btw y are u still in the stone age.. I mean 6.x nbu has been out of support since almost a decade ago..

So now the only way out maybe to either find 6.5 binaries from somewhere or install a new version and manually import all your data back in NetBackup from the storage

Thanks, Yeah its an old system. Most everything is being backed up by Barracuda. Just need to get to some legacy systems.

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Do you know which exact 6.5 patch version?

You can download a full installation here - version 6.5.4:

Important that the installation and patch level matches previous version exactly.

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It seems that I have 6.5.x distros too (next to my Amenhotep IV mummy :) ) but it's better to contact your local Veritas Reseller.