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Netbackup Client Configuration

Level 4

Hello every body, i have installed netbackup 7.6 successfully then i intalled an agent for windows also successfully, but i when i want to browse remote PC it doesn't show active directory. The media server and the remote PC are both domain jioned. Can any one guide me why i am still not reaching active directory. Please guid me, snapshot is attached


Level 5

What do you mean by browsing the remote pc? Do you mean to select what you want to backup?

In the client attributes section of Master Server host propeties, you can just type the client name you registered during installation. 


Thanx for replying, browse remote PC mean client on which i have installed agent. Actually active directory isn't appearing when i want to browse client PC.

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Before we carry on - is Computer Browse Service running ? 
Can you open Windows Explorer on the Master server and browse the network? 

This is how you configure a backup for a new client:
You create a new policy, and configure all 4 tabs of the policy - 
Attributes - Backup type and other parameters such as Storage Unit.
Schedule(s) - Full, Inc, etc and when schedules must run
Clients - here you will  type the client name and either select OS or choose NBU to detect.
             You can select the Browse button to select from the network (provided you have tested this outside of NBU). 
Backup Selection - Drive letters / directories / directives.

All of this explained in NetBackup Admin Guide I.

If I may ask - why have you installed NBU 7.6? 
Are you aware that all versions up to ran out of support a year ago?