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Netbackup CoPilot shares

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Hi All,

I am currently upgrading NB envrioment to 8.1 for a customer and implementing netbackup copilot is also a part of the remit. The NB domain consists of 1 windows 2012 master server and 4 NB 3.1 appliances. There are multiple Oracle servers hosting unique DB instances and I was wondering if I need create a dedicated appliance share for each one of these Oracle server to mounted as NFS shares? Or can I create one share and mount this on each of the Oracle servers?




It is my understanding that CoPilot requires specific storage set aside on a NBU 5330 or 5340 appliance. It is optimal to have a storage shelf in the 53x0 appliance set aside just for CoPilot. I'm not aware of being able to run CoPilot for Oracle on the 52x0 series appliances....but I could be wrong. :) 


The standard (or optimzed) share is spefically created and configured with Oracle hostname and/or IP information. This share is then mounted as an NFS mount on the respective oracle server.

When you create a standard share on the appliance you can provide details of multiple Oracle hosts, my question is whether its is best practice to use 1 share for many oracle servers? It would convenient but I am not sure if this would be the best scenario.

Can't find any information to this on the Copilot configuration guide or the Oracle admin guide for Netbackup.


You can absolutely run co-pilot with 52x0 appliances, it would have to be configured as a media server and not a master server.

Yes thanks I understand that.

The question is regarding the share(s) created specifically for copilot on the appliance. Do we need to create a dedicated share for every Oracle server or can we create a single share and use it as storage for all Oracle servers. Please note that in this case there are 12 oracle servers with unique instances.

The option is to create a dedicated share per Oracle server - I am not sure what the best practice is?

From my understanding, you can use 1 share for multiple Oracle instances. The PDF guide for Oracle Admin talks about having multiple DB's backed up with one OIP, so I'd assume you wouldn't have any issues. I could be wrong though.