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Netbackup Console slow


I have a big Netbackup environment with my Master Server over a Microsoft cluster and the shared disks (Querum and Catalog) are in a FC SAN.

In the console, but in Active Monitor specially some times it's locks and stay for 10 seconds. It's happens repeatedly.

Someone had this problem?

In the environment, there are 5 backup administrators that are connected in the console all the time.

Kind Regards.



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What version of NetBackup are

What version of NetBackup are you running?

If you have a busy environment and multiple people logged into the console, this can put stress on bpjobd. From NetBackup 7.5, bpjobd is multi-threaded and can handle more work load and is generally quicker. Job details are also added to EMM making retrieval quicker.

Do you see any slowness when running bpdbjobs from the command prompt?


in addition to the advice

in addition to the advice already given - do you mean 5 admins logged on the Master Server itself each with an Admin Console open or 5 admins each opening their own admin console somewhere?

There was an issue with the java processes being left behind on the Master Server due to a Java console being opened elsewhere (on their PC) - these needed to be killed off manually to clear them

Using the Windows Remote admin console on their PC overcomes this

The only other thing i have seen is if you have not setup the Master Server for BMR, which is now included in the Admin Console but not used by everyone

Simply by running the bmrsetupmaster (or on a Windows Master via the Start - Programs menu) it sorts this one out

Hope this helps


Hi, At this moment, I cannot


At this moment, I cannot make the upgrade to version 7.5. Is there other way to improving the performance?


Hi, Each administrator is


Each administrator is connected by RDP on Master Server (It has a TS License).

I don't have BMR in the environment and its database is not configured.

I don't know more what i can do. It is so slow to administer the console.

All the jobs are working fine, but administer them is more difficult  each day.

Kind Regards.



From how long you are facing this issue ?

Is there any changes in Infrastructure / NBU domain ?


OK - As you say you have a TS

OK - As you say you have a TS license I am guessing that you are Windows based.

So just go to Start - All Programs - Symantec NetBackup - Bare Metal Restore Master Server Setup

Once this opens up click Next, Next again, wait for it to do its stuff, click next again, click Finish ... then forget you ever touched it but see if it helps speed up your console.

BMR is built into NetBackup now whether you use it or not but as it is in the console it can slow it down when not configured

Let me know if this helps


Hi, I noticed isso as I was


I noticed isso as I was populating the environment. As the enviroment was getting bigger, the console was getting slow.

What do you think about the logs? If I reduce the clean-up to 2 days rather than 28 days?




Mark Yes, It is a Windows


Yes, It is a Windows Environment.

Sorry, explain better what you said.

How can the BMR help me if I will not use? Would not it be something else in my environment?



It is simply that the

It is simply that the NetBackup Console itself accesses the BMR information everytime it is opened as it is all now built into the GUI - and if it is not configured it just tries and tries until it gives up and allows the console to work.

This does mainly affect the initial opening time but i have seen it take up to 5 minutes for a console to open and after running the wizard it takes 5 seconds - so though it was worth a try

You dont ever have to actually use BMR, all it does is create a tiny database


Ok Mark, You convinced me. I

Ok Mark, You convinced me.

I will make the setup and I will post the result here.



Hi Mark, Sorry about to

Hi Mark,

Sorry about to late.

I installed the BMR Database and the symptoms are the same.



OK - it was well worth a

OK - it was well worth a try!

So lets think about what else it is doing - it is talking to itself (NetBackup does that a lot!!) so you could add itself to its own Hosts file to rule out slow name resolution.

Next, it has a lot of stuff to update so you could keep the amount of things showing in the console to a minimum - adjust and remove columns that are not required and set the amount to be kept in the activity monitor to a minimum by adding registry setting under:


The default values for KEEP_JOBS_SUCCESSFUL_HOURS and KEEP_JOBS_HOURS is 78 hours so simply add these DWORD keys and use a decimal setting lower that that to change them - need a service re-start to take effect - or maybe they are already there and very large?

Then you can change the refresh rate - while in the activity monitor select View - Options. Most tabs have their own refresh rate.

Hope something here helps - start with the hosts file (include virtual and node IP addresses as you are in a cluster) as everything is TCPIP in NetBackup!


Would it be possible to

remotely administer via an Admin Console on your PC as opposed to 5 Admins each RDP'ing to the master server & each opening up a separate Admin Console - so 5 RDP sessions & 5 Admin Consoles on one server I would've thought must be having some detrimental effect?

Just a thought.


Re: Netbackup Console slow


I had this problem with slow working Netbackup console 7.7.1.

problem was resolved when I uninstaled Update kb2565063

Mirza Halilovic,


Re: Netbackup Console slow

Issue with Windows Admin console in whatever-old-pre-7.5-version 5 years ago is not at all related to Java Console issues in version 7.7.1.