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Netbackup DLO

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I am exploring the option of Netbackup DLO with 6.5 for the end user client backups. Can someone help me with the clarifications for the following aspects on Netbackup DLO ?


1. With DELTA FILE transfer enabled, will the backup from the client laptop to the maintenance server be incremental block level ? In other words, does it coserve only the storage space on the backend or does it also save the lan bandwidth from the clients to the backend storage ?


2. For Delta file transfer, is there a thumb rule for server sizing. Does each file store server require a maintenance server ? Or is it based on the number of concurrent clients ?


3. What dictates the number of file store servers in a DLO implementation ? Is there a thumbrule for the same ?


I am planning to deploy DLO in an organisation with 3000 laptops. Any suggestions are welcome.




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Question 1: It only send incremental/delta, and only incremental or delta is stored. So you save on storage and bandwidth.


Other questions: Check this guide, its a little date, but still valid