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Netbackup EV Site Backup - Exclude Servers from EV_Site

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Hi everywone,

This subject has been an issue that the idea suggested as a solution for an issue facing with one of our customers. Although this is an amazing solution for our issue, I don't know how to do it.

There is an ev_site and there are four EV servers on EV_SITE. Here what I want to learn is exclude 2 server on the site and backup the other 2 servers' index locations. By the way, these 2 servers are used as Building Blocks in Enterprise Vault Server, so that we don't need to backup these servers. Because of that I want to exclude these servers from EV_SITE using Netbackup. My question is how can i do that in Netbackup?

This has been a real issue as you understand on the other hand it is an oppurtunity for me to learn how to accomplish this. I had to create a forum discussion because I have nothing according to my research.

Is there anyone that knows how to do it? 


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As far as i know the only way to do that is to use the EV_SERVER directive rather than the EV_SITE directive - in this policy you just add the servers that you do want to back up to the client list

This should back up the same data but only on the selected servers.

Other directives do not allow multiple clients to be specified but I think this should do what you need