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Netbackup GRT restoration failed

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Hi All 

We are using Veritas Netbackup solution for exchnage 2013 enviroment. We were able to restore mailboxes and emails unitl a exchange CU15 upgrade.Let me expalin our scenario.

1. We have 3 mailbox servers (DAG) and 3 client Access servers of version 2013 CU6.

    (In this setup we are able to do backup and restore)

2. We upgraded 3 mailbox servers to CU15 and CAS servers is still CU6.

    (We are able to backup and restore)

3. Instead of upgrading exisiting 3 CAS servers ,we installed and configured 3 CAS servers of using CU15 version.

After this we found that we are not able restore mailboxes and email messages.

We have done all  prerequisites client  configuration for Netbackup for these client access servers(CAS)

It got faild with following error

9:44:33 ( Found (1,756) files in (1) images for Restore Job ID

09:45:00 ( Found (1,756) files in (1) images for Restore Job ID

09:45:00 (3721490.001) Restoring from copy 1 of image created 6/10/2017 12:18:37 AM from policy Exchange2013_GRT

09:45:00 (3721490.001) Granular restore has started, this may take a while....

09:45:31 (3721490.001) INF - Restore executed on server SRVINFMBX01

09:45:32 (3721490.001) INF - GRE EXITING WITH STATUS = 29

09:45:32 (3721490.001) INF - GRE RESTORED 0 OF 0 FILES SUCCESSFULLY

09:45:32 (3721490.001) INF - GRE KEPT 0 EXISTING FILES

09:45:32 (3721490.001) INF - GRE PARTIALLY RESTORED 0 FILES

09:45:32 (3721490.001) Status of restore from copy 1 of image created 6/10/2017 12:18:37 AM = failed trying to exec a command


09:45:32 (3721490.001) The following files/folders were not restored:

09:45:32 (3721490.001) UTF - /Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups/kfupm-dag/Microsoft Information Store/VIPDB/Database/Ahmed Zafer Ali Al-Garni [algarni]/


09:45:33 INF - Server status = 2810

09:45:33 INF - Server status = 5

09:45:33 ( INF - Status = MS-Exchange-Server policy restore error.


09:45:33 ( INF - Status = the restore failed to recover the requested files.

I request your kind support in this regard





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Whats your NBU version, Master,Media and Client?

Is this restore working before?

There are some requirements to enable GRT, did you already check this TN? --> Everything you need to know to get Exchange Granular backups to work




Thiago Ribeiro

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Have you checked compatibility before Exch was upgraded?

CU15 is not mentioned in 7.6 DB SCL (not sure if you know that 7.6.x ran out of support in Feb 2017)

7.7.x DB SCL says CU15 is supported as from NBU 7.7.3.

NBU 7.0 - 7.6 DB and Application Agent CL:
NBU 7.7 DB and Application Agent CL:


Hi Thiago,

We are using 7.7.3 (Master,Media and Clients)

Yes Restore was working before.

We have configured all requirements.



Hi Marianne,

We are using 7.7.3 version


Level 2

Hi All,

The issue has been fixed. It was due to NFS client service in one mailbox server which is not started normally.

Also we have diffrent version of Client Access server configured in backloop which we removed.

Thanks All for your advice,comments and support