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Netbackup HP-UX master server Upgrade to 8.0 from 7.7.3 fails

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Am trying to upgrade master server from 7.7.3 to 8.0. It fails with error. 


Veritas Installation Script
Copyright (c) 2016 Veritas Technologies LLC. All rights reserved.

Installing NetBackup Server Software

the installation media before proceeding. The agreement includes
details on the NetBackup Product Improvement Program.

For NetBackup installation and upgrade information specific to your
platform and to find out if your installed EEBs or hot fixes are
contained in this release, check out the Veritas Services and Operations Readiness
Tools (SORT) Installation and Upgrade Checklist and Hot fix and EEB
Release Auditor, respectively, at

ATTENTION! To help ensure a successful upgrade to NetBackup 8.0,
please visit the NetBackup 8.x Upgrade Portal:

Do you wish to continue? [y,n] (y) y

Please verify that any OpenStorage plugins located in
directory /usr/openv/lib/ost-plugins have been certified
for use with NetBackup 7.0 or later. Starting with
NetBackup 7.0, binaries are 64-bit; therefore, it is
required that any OpenStorage plugin also be 64-bit.

Warning for NetBackup 7.0 or later media servers:
if the OpenStorage plugin is not 64-bit, NetBackup will
not be able to access the OpenStorage device to perform
backups or restores.

Starting NetBackup Deduplication installer
testing: /tmp/pdde_pkg_dir_29794
Checking for SYMCpddea package...
Package SYMCpddea found.
Checking for VRTSpddea package...
Package VRTSpddea found.

NetBackup Deduplication software is installed.

NetBackup Deduplication is not yet configured.
NetBackup Deduplication preinstall check passed

Is this host the master server? [y,n] (y) y

Using nbwebsvc and nbwebgrp for the
NetBackup web service user and group.

Checking for required system conditions...

ok remote_emm: No remote EMM is detected
ok be_nb_same_host: inapplicable on hpux: skipping
ok unsupported_platform: Passed checks for unsupported platforms.
ok wsl_account: user [nbwebsvc] belongs to group [nbwebgrp]
ok nbdb_ntfs_dir_symlink: inapplicable on hpux: skipping
ok nbdb_maintenance_space: there is enough free space

Checking for recommended system conditions...

not ok ulimit_nofiles: nofiles ulimit 2048 is too low.
NetBackup Master and Media Server processes may run slower if they are
limited to fewer than 8000 open file descriptors. This test runs
'ulimit -n' and checks that the result is at least 8000 on NetBackup
servers. See
for more information.
ok os_update_level: inapplicable on hpux: skipping
not ok semaphore_limits: too low:
Performance of NetBackup Master and Media Servers can be affected
adversely if the system is configured with low semaphore limits. This
test checks whether the current semaphore limits are set as
recommended. See for

The current SEMMNS setting is 40960; at least 307200 is recommended.
ok hotfix_auditor: NetBackup is not installed or there is no hotfix or EEB data present. Skipping HF/EEB Auditor check.

WARNING: One or more non-critical preinstall checks have failed.

The NetBackup and Media Manager software is built for use on HP-UX-IA64 hardware.
Do you want to install NetBackup and Media Manager files? [y,n] (y) y

NetBackup and Media Manager are normally installed in /usr/openv.
The existing /usr/openv directory will be used for NetBackup and Media Manager.

No NB/MM daemons appear to be running.

Saving server binaries for HP-UX-IA64.

Reading NetBackup files from /tmp/NetBackup_8.0_HPIA/hpia64/anb

Checking for pre-existing SYMCnetbp package.
package SYMCnetbp is not installed
Checking for pre-existing VRTSnetbp package.
Installing VRTSnetbp package.

ERROR: Failed to install VRTSnetbp on DRBKPSVR.
Cannot complete the install.

== Checking for pre-existing package ==
package VRTSnetbp is not installed

========= Installing package ==========

======= 12/19/18 22:49:45 IST BEGIN swinstall SESSION
(non-interactive) (jobid=DRBKPSVR-0279)

* Session started for user "root@DRBKPSVR".

* Beginning Selection
* Target connection succeeded for "DRBKPSVR:/".
* Source:
* Targets: DRBKPSVR:/
* Software selections:
* Selection succeeded.

* Beginning Analysis and Execution
* Session selections have been saved in the file
* "DRBKPSVR:/": There will be no attempt to mount filesystems
that appear in the filesystem table.
ERROR: "DRBKPSVR:/": The disk space analysis encountered problems or
failed to run.
* The analysis phase failed for "DRBKPSVR:/".
* Analysis and Execution had errors.

ERROR: More information may be found in the agent logfile using the
command "swjob -a log DRBKPSVR-0279 @ DRBKPSVR:/".

======= 12/19/18 22:49:48 IST END swinstall SESSION (non-interactive)


File /usr/openv/tmp/install_trace.29768 contains a trace of this install.
That file can be deleted after you are sure the install was successful.
You have mail in /var/mail/root


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Apologies for the late reply - your post seem to have been stuck in the 'spam filter'. 

Did you perhaps manage to log an urgent call with Veritas Support?

Do you still need assistance?