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Netbackup IT analytics install - I know Im late to the game to just get started with this

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please bare with me - i know Im all over the place...

and yep we are still on   We have 2 environments.  We have a windows 2019 physical server with netbackup for a particular client and then we run netbackup in a redhat linux physical server environment.  We have one opscenter server (VM) in which both netbackup master server environments exist on the "data collection" for the opscenter server.

Im still diving into the IT Analytics but I feel its a lot more complex then opscenter.

Do I need a license for the foundation version of IT Analytics.?   hoping its free like opscenter free version

Will I be able to bring in both of our Netbackup master/media server environments( our linux netbackup and windows netbackup)  into a single version of IT analytics foundation like we do currently with our opscenter server?

I see that IT analytics runs in either linux or windows.  So if I deploy a windows VM to run the IT analytics Portal is that all that is needed??. Can it even be a VM?   I guess we need to buy ORACLE 19 software for the Portal server?  not sure if there is more software needed? 

Im also guessing the data collector can reside on the master(primary) / media server?  I thought I read for Netbackup 10.1 upgrade/install that the data collector is installed?

We used our opscenter various basic tasks (alerts, historical jobs etc..)...

I havent found a "to the point" document to say this is what you need to have a foundation version of IT analytics running in a single server master/media netbackup environment..  







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I will try to answer to your questions

  • You can use VMware to install an IT analytics portal. As far as you meet the IT Analytics and Oracle requirements, 32+ GB of RAM is mandatory.
  • You can install Collector on the master server. This is what I'm doing. You are correct; from 10.1, Collector is preinstalled on the master server. The manual describes how to configure it.
    Pay attention, as collectors have memory requirements too.
  • You can connect as many netbackup masters as you like in a single IT analytics portal.

The licence part is tricky.  Most people will say that IT analytics Foundation is free with netbackup. I will say that it is not "so" free.

  • If you have perpetual licenses, then you cannot install IT Analytics Foundation. You have to convert them to subscription licenses.
  • You have to license the oracle that you will use.
  • If you pass the netbackup TB license count, IT Analytics will stop functioning. I do not know if there is a grace period for some extra TB. 

In my opinion IT Analytics is a very powerful tool.
The problem is that is not as simple as opscenter. If the user is skillful to master IT Analytics the reports can cover everything. Unfortunately most of my customers dislike it as they do not have the ability or the time to create custom reports. Me included.

last check the portal with ready reports

Thanks so much Stefanos for the great information - 

Yea Im pretty certain we have a perpetual license for both of our netbackup environments (windows and linux).  

Our Vmware guy wont like that I would need 32 GB ram for a VM.

We may upgrade from to which is the last version of opscenter until I can get approval for VM with high memory and purchase of Oracle and the whole subscription license thing from perpetual.

I feel like being on version still that  we are falling behind in netbackup versions :) .  I see 10.4 out there already..


Thanks again