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Netbackup Liveupdate 6.5 to 7.1, possible ?

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I read the following in the Live update 7.1 guide "Starting with NetBackup 7.1, NetBackup LiveUpdate also supports upgrades to
major releases and minor releases for NetBackup clients. A separate DVD is
included with your NetBackup 7.1 media kit for you to copy the LiveUpdate client
packages to your NetBackup LiveUpdate server.",
my question is it is possible to upgrade from 6.5 release to 7.1 using liveupdate - and has anyone had any success ?



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the liveupdate component on the client is still 6.5, so this will probably not work. 

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Please understand  ...Live Update is always been for minor patch upgrades to the same Version ..... You just cannot upgrade the whole software suite using Live update  ......

So upgrading from 6.5 to 7.1 requires your very much presence .... and NOT AT ALL POSSIBLE   with Live Update .....


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Have upgraded from 6.5.3 to using Live update - works superbly :)

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Thanks for sharing your experience all4one.

I have attended a 'what's new' session @ Vision in Barcelona this morning. One of the highlights is that LiveUpdate can be used to upgrade 6.5 clients straight to 7.x.

This should be in the 7.1 LiveUpdate documentation. Will see if I can find it later on...

Level 3

OK here's what I'm not sure about when a new LU release comes out for example and I have a client at 6.5 do i need the previous LU extracts in the directory or will upgrade from 6.5 with the one extracted file.

In other words can I delete whats in the LU folder and replace with just the extract ?? (I'm guessing I'd need 7.1 and but can't see this documented anywhere)