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Netbackup Master Server password change

Level 2


Hi Guys

we have a Windows Netbackup Master Server which I changed the password on yesterday all looked well until today that is. We have now noticed one of our VCB media backup servers could not communicate with the tape robot any more.  As soon as we reverted back to the old password things worked again.  My question where the on Windows & Linux media servers is this password referenced in?  The only reference I have found so far is the local system account.  I have also found information relating to nbdb_admin but being new to Netbackup I is not sure if this is related or not.

Any help would be much appreciated


Level 6
Some libraries software have the need to remsh back and forth. Are you using acsls?

Level 2

Thanks for the input Stumpr

We are using 2 tape libraries MSL 5000 DLT & MSL8096 HCART

When I changed the password on the Master server (Windows 2003) as a test wed.  We had 2 media servers that had problems communicating to the shared Libraries related to the password change

VCB Media server Windows
Solaris media server

change the pasword back everything works ?


Level 2

All my problems was related to active directory sync to novel nds. we are currently moving to Microsoft only and I will wait until Novel is out of the picture.