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Netbackup/Opscenter Report - Used space on msdp pool

Level 4


I have a MSDP pool with ~185TB. Normally about 130 TB are used. In the last weeks the used size increased to 160TB. Is there a way to see which image is using the most space on the msdp pool?

I know I can do a bpimmagelist per image but it would be nice to see for example:

Server A has 4 full backups and 20 diff backups. -> Server A uses x% or GB on the MSDP pool.

A Opscenter report would be nice in this case.


Level 6
Best way to find out is “Images on Disk” report. You can run this from Java console itself under Reports —> Disk Reports —> Images on Disk

This report also shows you retention levels and backup size. You can verify if any specific backup image is wrongly retained for longer period.

HI @Lumpi 

Have a look at the Deduplication Reports - Pre vs Post Deduplication Size, and then edit the report and filter to find your culprit - it may take some time, but the report is reasonable quick. 

Also, bimagelist will not provide the dedupe rate for your backup, you would need to look at the bperror output to filter the detailed status where it shows the dedupe obtained for each backup.

Good luck finding the problem (I hope it doesn't mean you have been ransomware attached which can be one cause of what you are seeing).